Our work enables business, government and for-purpose organisations to manage for better impact.

We deliver tailored solutions to support you to design your intended impact, develop ways to measure what happens, clearly communicate your impact and improve by implementing what has been learnt.

Our services fall into four key areas.

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Build the foundations that define your intended impact.

  • Theory of change and program logics
  • Materiality assessment
  • Sustainability and Impact strategies
  • Sector/issues analysis


Collect data and stories to evidence and value your impact.

  • Outcomes framework
  • Shared measurement framework
  • Evaluation (developmental, formative, summative)
  • Social Return on Investment (SROI)
  • Social and environmental valuation
  • ESG assessment
  • Total value modelling


Share the evidence and value of your impact.

  • ESG/sustainability reporting
  • Impact reporting (full report, snapshot)
  • Data visualisation (dashboards, infographics)
  • Impact films
  • Impact prospectus


Reflect, learn and develop capability to enhance your impact.

  • Embedding impact (processes and systems)
  • Training and capability building (people and culture)
  • Impact-led design (ILD)

Expertise and accreditation

Think Impact is a Certified B Corporation and a United Nations Global Compact participant. We are members of the GRI Community, Australian Evaluation Society, Social Impact Measurement Network of Australia (SIMNA), Social Value International (SVI) and the United Nations Global Compact Network Australia (UNGCNA).

Our approach

Our approach is collaborative and underpinned by:

  • deep immersion and research
  • tailored stakeholder engagement strategies
  • building capability to embed impact.

Our principles

Our work is driven by the following principles:

  • Simple but not simplistic – we deliver clarity over complexity.
  • Stakeholder voice – we seek out and listen to diverse stakeholder perspectives on change and the value created.
  • Outcomes are a system – we explore the inter-relationships between the key outcomes.
  • Ripple effect – we analyse the cause and effect of activities to understand how impact flows beyond primary beneficiaries.
  • No data without stories, no stories without data – we consider data and stories together to enrich how impact is understood and communicated.
  • Modality matters – we know that ‘how’ change is achieved is what makes each client unique.
  • Embedding insight – we are committed to increasing impact by using evidence to implement new or revised approaches.