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Les Twentyman Foundation

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Les Twentyman Foundation

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Think Impact has worked with the Les Twentyman Foundation (formerly 20th Man Fund), since 2014. Throughout this time, we have conducted numerous evaluations of its work with vulnerable young people in the west of Melbourne, a significant proportion of whom are people migrating and seeking asylum from African countries.

As part of our ongoing body of work with the Les Twentyman Foundation, we undertook an independent Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis of their work over 2015-16 to explore the programs they delivered and most importantly, what actually changed for the people who participated. The findings were communicated as one of the first SROIs to be produced on film (see video link above).

Our approach to engaging young people involved in the programs included one-on-one interviews, workshops and surveys. We also spoke to parents, police and support workers to capture diverse perspectives of the change created from their involvement in the programs. With permission from stakeholders to film the results we were able to create one of the first SROI studies to be produced on film.

The creative delivery of the SROI on film really enables you to see the astounding impact the programs are having on young lives and their future life trajectories. The programs go beyond getting young people involved in sport and supporting them to stay in schools; they build the capacity and capabilities of young people to develop their leadership skills and belief in themselves.

The film digs deeper than just telling positive stories to really understand, quantify and monetise the change resulting from the Foundation’s work with vulnerable young people.

The results of the SROI found that $15 million in social value was being generated that can be directly attributable to the work of the Les Twentyman Foundation.

When considered against the costs to produce the social value we estimated, the Social Return on Investment attributable to the Les Twentyman Foundation is $13 in social value produced for every dollar invested (a ratio of 13:1).

Our ongoing work with the Les Twentyman Foundation has also included providing strategic support to the Board and Executive Team, continuing to support their internal capability building to understand and communicate the efficiency, effectiveness and appropriateness of their programs.

Most recently we have evaluated the Positive Future Program and supported the development of a sustainable business model for their EMBRACE program, which is being rolled out in schools across Melbourne.

One of the recent iterations of the EMBRACE program was 'EMBRACE – The Musical', providing skill and leadership development to young people with an interest in the creative industries.

Positive Futures is an early intervention, personal development and support program targeted at young people exhibiting signs of disengaging from their education, and who might also be at risk of homelessness, trauma or distress. One of our biggest achievements in this program is the active engagement our youths exhibit in their personal growth after they participate. They feel like part of a supportive community and they feel good about their future. We're very grateful to Think Impact who have worked on the evaluation of Positive Futures.

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