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Foundation for Young Australians and YLab Studios

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Project Overview

Foundation for Young Australians and YLab Studios
Melbourne | 2019

Key Services
Evaluation | Facilitation | Impact films and reporting | Impact communications and strategy

Developed by YLab studios, the Impact storytelling project is an initiative of the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) to deliver training and support for young people working on gender equity projects in Victoria.

Think Impact were engaged to develop a two-part evaluation; firstly to measure the impact of training on young people’s communication and storytelling skills and the effect on their ability and confidence to collaborate as a network of change makers.

The second part of the evaluation focused on a short film produced by young people who had been part of the training and looked at the impact the film had on its target audience; including exploring the content, themes and potential for the film to spark wide spread community conversation and behaviour change.

Impact storytelling training

The impact storytelling training was held over a two-day period and aimed to build the communication and storytelling skills of participants; creating an opportunity for them to feel empower to share their experiences, ideas and work in the gender equity space through the production of a two-minute impact film.

The young people who took part explored a range of gender equity topics before deciding on the production of #mywalkhome; a short film and associated public awareness campaign to raise awareness and widespread discussion on the hypervigilance women increasingly face daily as they move about public spaces.

The ongoing campaign is intended to spark conversations of solidarity between women, while also engaging and opening a dialogue with men to discuss what makes women feel uncomfortable and unsafe in public spaces and promote positive action and behaviour change to create solutions.

Focus group screening and #mywalkhome campaign

Think Impact designed and lead an interactive focus group screening of the short film, using interactive activities to explore the reactions and perspectives of a boarder public audience to the themes explored within the film. Approximately 25 people of varying ages and gender attended and took part in the focus group screening.

Participants were not aware of the content of the film or the topics that would be discussed prior to coming along to the focus group that aimed to:

  • Test the reactions of people of different genders to the topics explored by the film
  • Gain insight into effective ways to promote the film and the potential ripple effect of the #mywalkhome campaign on the broader community
  • Capture insights and recommendations for Ylab and the Office for Women on ways to maximise the impact of the film and the #mywalkhome campaign to generate positive change in behaviour and policy related to gender equity.

My Walk Home was launched at a public screening of the film in November 2019, hosted by Ylab and Foundation for Young Australians alongside a panel event ‘Masculinity and Me: How can guys be an advocate for change?’

The #mywalkhome film and ongoing campaign will be shared through the Foundation for Young Australians networks and digital communication channels as well as a range of campaign partner organisations.

It is hoped that the cross promotion of the campaign will result in a ripple effect to spark conversations about the impact of gender on feelings of public safety and the opportunities and responsibility of all people, regardless of gender, to contribute to creating solutions to increase the perceived and real safety of those who identify as female in public spaces.

Please take a moment to watch the film and consider sharing with your networks. Please be aware some people may find the themes inferred in the film to be distressing.

"Think Impact played an important role in measuring and representing the successes and learnings of our Ideally Impact Storytelling training project. It was a pleasure working with them."
Chelsea Lang, YLab Manager

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