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Centre for Participation

Project Overview

Centre for Participation
Horsham, VIC | 2019

Key Services

The Good Governance program is a social enterprise boosting governance capacity in community organisations across regional Victoria. Operated by the Centre for Participation, the program has already supported dozens of organisations through matched governance mentors and provided training to many mentors. Good Governance has been successful in receiving a grant from the Department of Social Services through Community Grants to support the program to become self-sustaining by 2021.

We were re-engaged by the Centre for Participation to undertake an evaluation of the program over the three-year period–currently in year two–to support the evolution of the program and development of communication materials for promotional purposes.

The purpose of the evaluation is to support Good Governance to grow into a sustainable social enterprise by providing program design and implementation insights and evidence of the impact created as a result of the program. The evaluation is guided by the following research questions:

  • How effective is the program?
  • What are the key determinants of success with regards to program design and implementation?
  • To what extent has Good Governance contributed to better governed organisations?

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