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Abound Communities

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  • Supporting Abound Communities to demonstrate the financial sustainability of its model to funders

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Safe, secure and affordable housing is integral to people’s wellbeing, particularly for older Australians who often have greater needs relating to security, affordability and appropriateness. The ageing of the Australian population presents a significant challenge for the housing and care of older people. As the longest-established provider of secure and affordable housing for older Victorians, Abound Communities (formerly the Old Colonists’ Association of Victoria) is uniquely placed to respond to this challenge.

Abound provides ‘affordable, safe and dignified homes for older Victorians in need, and care when it is required’, with many of its residents experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness, and without the financial means to meet rising housing and living costs. Abound’s four villages – Berwick, Euroa, North Fitzroy and St Helena – are home to 500 older Victorians in need, living in independent living units, assisted living units and aged care.

'A lot of living goes on here!' – Abound resident

Abound has a unique operating model that was established by its original founders that has enabled the organisation to expand and operate sustainably for almost 150 years. Embedded in the model is the commitment to provide some housing to residents who cannot afford to contribute a one-off, means-tested donation on entry.

In 2017, Abound commissioned Think Impact to measure the economic and social impacts of the operation of its villages and to support the vision and strategic direction of Abound.

The analysis found that for every $1 invested in Abound, $7.41 of value is created. This value consists of the benefits of Abound’s continuum of housing and care for the residents and their family members, and the downstream economic savings to government due the improved quality of life for residents and delayed entry to aged care.

An investment of $14.7 million by Abound and other contributors to provide housing and care creates additional net present value of $109 million for Abound residents, the community and governments.

- Residents experienced 54 per cent of the value, almost $60 million.

- Most of this value is created from peace of mind and dignity in their older years.

- Family members experienced 30 per cent of the value, just over $32million.

- Additional value to the Australian Government of $9 million each year occurs due to reduced health care expenditure associated with the improvement in the mental and physical health of residents; avoiding and delaying entry into aged care.

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'Everyone is treated equal regardless of how much (money) people have got. You’re not rejected if you can’t pay.' – Abound resident

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