Interview with CEO of Efiko Academy, Timothy Lambert

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Interview with CEO of Efiko Academy, Timothy Lambert

Written by Rebecca Cain | 7th September 2022

Think Impact spoke to Timothy Lambert, CEO of Efiko Academy, to learn more about the Efiko team and the value of participating in the online Impact Measurement online.

Tell us a bit about Efiko Academy

'Efiko Academy is the online learning hub dedicated to empowering impact-driven practitioners. Our mission is to accelerate the pace at which organisations grow accountable for and manage their impact, thereby contributing to preserving our planet and drastically reducing inequalities.

The Efiko team has a background in the social impact space. I worked for an impact investment company before starting Efiko and I saw first-hand the need for more capability to measure the impact of organisations and investments. To meet this need, we partner with leading standard setters and experts to create engaging, practical and fun online training courses. In the case of the Impact Measurement course, we partnered with Social Value International to build a top-notch training course on Impact Measurement and applying the Principles of Social Value and SROI'.

What makes the Impact Measurement online course so valuable?

'The training course is valuable for anyone eager to plan and implement impact measurement and management best-practice. The course is accredited by Social Value International and supports learners who seek to progress in the Accredited Practitioner Pathway (Level 1 to Level 3).

The success of the training course is based on three ingredients. First, the quality and experience of its trainers and contributors. 15+ impact measurement and SROI experts have participated in the creation of this training course by shaping its content and sharing practical insights or case studies.

Second, the innovative way in which the course has been designed, as it blends the power of microlearning with hands-on exercises and live interaction between participants and experts.

Lastly, the flexible delivery options as learners can choose to learn autonomously, at their own pace, or by interacting in live sessions with fellow practitioners and an accredited trainer'.

How are your participants putting the lessons from the training into practice?

'More than 350+ practitioners from over 18 countries have taken the course and more than 89 per cent would highly recommend it to their colleagues or friends.

Our learners include social sector professionals, entrepreneurs and funders that seek to learn a pragmatic yet internationally renowned approach to impact and social value measurement and management. It is also relevant to people seeking a comprehensive introduction to the field and to build a valuable skill for a career with impact. Our learners report 2.5 times more confidence and skill in impact management after having taken the course and 65 per cent have been able to apply the learnings to improve internal impact management practices (or support clients in doing so)'.

Find out more and register for Efiko’s Impact Measurement training here.