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Impact-led design 1-day masterclass

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Impact-led design 1-day masterclass

20th June 2019 - 20th June 2019 | Melbourne

Impact is the core of what we do. Yet we often struggle to understand how to embed it into our strategy, communicate it effectively and how to design programs, strategies or approaches to have deeper, enduring impact. This Impact-Led Design Masterclass draws on over 20 years experience of designing innovative approaches to social change and will provide you with cutting edge theory and practice on how to build a high performing impact-focused organisation. Moving beyond measurement, impact-led design assists the not-for-profit sector, government and philanthropy to solve problems, develop innovative approaches, improve outcomes and become more future ready.

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Who is this course for?

The course will be invaluable to:

  • CEOs and senior executives driving strategic planning and organisational change
  • Impact practitioners looking to move beyond measurement and integrate impact into the culture of their organisation
  • Staff working on service redesign or development, aiming to understanding how to improve the outcomes they are delivering
  • Fundraising executives and staff looking to improve their approach to fundraising, tendering and funding applications
Excellent training. Very experienced facilitators. Great environment. Fantastic advanced ideas Melbourne attendee, October 2017

About the masterclass

The masterclass is an interactive mixture of latest theory, practice and case studies designed to build participants understanding of and skill in impact-led design. The participants in this course will learn about:

  • The trends and pressures driving an increased focus on impact and how to become more future ready
  • The building blocks of impact-led design
  • The process of impact-led co-design, including key tools to improve effectiveness
  • How to develop an impact-led strategy that embeds impact into the fabric of your organisation and ignites the passion and purpose of your staff
  • How to design for enduring impact to ensure that change sticks
  • How to redesign or develop and fundraise for new services with impact at the core
Think Impact just blew my mind! FYA Young Social Pioneer, September 2017
Great session on impact-led design which provided a great mix of things to think about, tools to use and discussion amongst attendees. A worthwhile session for anyone working in impact! Evaluation Consultant, Melbourne impact-led masterclass

Your Trainers

Kevin Robbie

Kevin Robbie is a Director at Think Impact and has over 25 years experience in social innovation, community development and impact management. Kevin leads the impact-led design work of Think Impact. He was previously the CEO of United Way Australia where he led the organisation through the development of an impact-led strategic plan, re-aligning their strategy to maximize impact. Prior to that he was the Executive Director with Social Ventures Australia (SVA) where he was responsible for leading their social innovation work. Kevin is originally from the UK where he held a number of senior management roles. He was also seconded as a special adviser to the UK Government Cabinet Office and worked as a consultant advising the Big Lottery on social enterprise and social innovation.

Kevin Robbie

Ross Wyatt

Ross Wyatt is the founder of Think Impact and one of Australia’s leading social impact practitioners who has spent many years advising industry, government and the community sector on social impact. He is a former leader at Starlight Children’s Foundation and the founder and Director of the Social Sustainability team at Net Balance (now EY). In this role, he advised many of Australia’s largest organisations on how to factor human costs into their decisions. Ross is active in promoting thought leadership in the field of social impact and is a frequent author, contributor and facilitator of forums on the topic.

Ross Wyatt