Think impact is a unique consultancy specialising in:

Social impact         

Think Impact, funders, social investors, not for profits, progressive businesses and social enterprises are united by a common objective: to create change. This means valuing social, economic and environmental outcomes and measuring what matters.

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Sustainability is being able to thrive in an environment into the future. In terms of business, sustainability management is about incorporating social, economic and environmental factors into business decisions.

Being a sustainable business doesn’t mean sacrificing profitability. In the long term, sustainable businesses prove to be more profitable as they adapt, build resilience and grow with the changing market. It can provide a competitive advantage and allow you to differentiate your business from others.

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Responsible business

Responsible business practice is the recognition of, and response to the interconnectedness and interdependence of business with our daily lives.

Responsible business practice advocates that the true costs and obligations of business and organisational activity are accounted for and managed. This requires a process of good governance, underpinned through accountability, transparency and comparability.

Training and facilitation

We don’t just provide expert advisory services. We also seek to build the capacity of organisations to perform at the highest level.

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