Think Impact, funders, social investors, not for profits, progressive businesses and social enterprises are united by a common objective: to create change. To reach this goal, we must identify what approaches to creating and measuring that change work — and why.

The goal of social impact evaluation is to drive improvements that increase the value of programs to the stakeholders they serve. This means valuing the social, economic and environmental outcomes – both positive and negative, intended and unintended – created by a program. Social impact assessment helps organisations in planning and implementing more effectively, and successfully bring initiatives to scale. Monitoring and evaluation also facilitates accountability, supports stakeholder communication, and helps guide the allocation of scarce resources.

At the core of social impact evaluation is ‘measuring what matters’, and using the resultant information to communicate and improve that impact.

Our main social impact services emphasise methodological rigour and apply at any stage in the social program development process. Our approach focuses bringing together the rigour required by leading evaluation frameworks with innovative communication mechanisms.

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