Here is a selection from our portfolio.


Les Twentyman Foundation – See the impact the Foundation is making with this Social Return on Investment (SROI) Evaluation, 2016, Melbourne, Australia, 11.17min.
Over the last 9 months we have shadowed the Foundation to ascertain their social, economic and environmental impact of their programs assisting Melbourne’s homeless, disadvantaged and disconnected youth.


Shac SROI Summary Report 

Shelter Housing Action Cairns (SHAC) SROI Summary Report, 2016 Cairns Australia. Download SHAC SROI Summary Report PDF

Australian Community Logistics (ACL)
SROI Evaluation Report, 2016 Melbourne Australia. Download ACL SROI Report PDF


Les Twentyman Foundation – Exploring stakeholder changes, 2015, Melbourne, Australia, 2 min.
This is a quick exploration of the change experienced by young people as a consequence of their contact with the Twentieth Man Fund, an organisation supporting disadvantaged youth in the western suburbs of Melbourne.



Lentil as Anything – A Social Return on Investment (SROI) Evaluation, 2015, Melbourne, Australia, 6 min.
Lentil as Anything is a chain of restaurants in Australia with an unusual pay-as-you-feel model. Removing the price barrier has produced a very unique environment. This SROI evaluation delves into the impact their activities have on the community.



The Power of Volunteering – Volunteering Western Victoria, 2015, Horsham, Australia, 5 min.
Outcomes evaluation documentary produced by Think Impact that evaluates the Volunteering Recognition Awards program.



Good Sports – Australian Drug Foundation, 2014, Melbourne, Australia, 6 min.
Impact documentary produced by Think Impact as part of an SROI evaluation on the Good Sports program, aiming at reducing alcohol abuse in community sports clubs.



A New State of Mind – Emmaus Community, 2014, Perth, Australia, 12 min.
Impact documentary produced by Think Impact on innovative mental health care.








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