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Ross Wyatt

    Ross is one of Australia’s leading social impact practitioners who has spent many years advising industry, government and the community sector on social impact – that is, how to measure the things that make life worthwhile. He is a former head of Starlight Children’s Foundation and more recently the founder and Director of the Social Sustainability team at a leading sustainability advisory firm. In this role he advised many of Australia’s largest organisations on how to factor human costs into their decisions. Ross is active in promoting thought leadership in the field of social impact and is a frequent author and contributor to conferences and forums on the topic. He is often sought as a facilitator, speaker and trainer and is currently Chair of the Victorian chapter of the Social Impact Measurement Network of Australia (SIMNA) and a judge in the Banksia Sustainability Awards.

    The World I Want…

    “I want a world where we consider social and environmental factors in every decision we make!”

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    Suzi Young

      Suzi is a Chemical Engineer with an Arts degree majoring in South East Asian history and a graduate diploma in economics! This unique background combined with a passion for creating a positive legacy for future generations has led her to a career as a leading sustainability consultant. She has worked with organisations from diverse sectors including water, energy, health, Government, food, manufacturing and not-for-profit.

      Suzi lists her project highlights as measuring social value created by volunteers in a community, training businesses to increase their profitability and fulfilment at work by reducing their consumption of resources, and contributing to the creation of greenhouse gas emission trends at a complex wastewater treatment plant. She loves to measure the hard stuff and nothing is harder than social impact.

      The World I Want…

      “I want a world where people smile because they are rich in connections with their community and landscape and where we can be confident future generations will have the opportunity for this wealth.”

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      Amanda Nuttal

      Amanda Nuttall

        Amanda is a leading sustainability professional who specialises in the analysis of social and environmental impact evaluation; sustainability performance disclosures and corporate governance. Most recently, Amanda spent eight years as a consultant with the sustainability advisory firm Net Balance. She has also worked in the not for profit sector where she was responsible for the management of innovative behavioural change and community engagement projects around water conservation.

        Amanda is qualified as a Lead Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner (CSAP). She holds a Bachelor of Business (International Trade) from Monash University, and a Master of Environment and a Graduate Certificate in Arts (Development Studies) from the University of Melbourne. She has extensive experience in the delivery of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) certified training program and is active in the ongoing development and use of the GRI sustainability reporting guidelines.

        Amanda is also the President of the board of Environment Victoria, one of the leading NGO voices advocating for the environment. She has sat on the board since 2008 and held the role of President since 2013, playing a crucial role in the ongoing governance and strategic planning of the organisation.

        The world I want…

        I want a world where we measure and value the things that matter, and hold one another accountable for the long term outcomes generated by our decisions.

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        Victoria Thom

          Victoria is an experienced social impact strategist, accredited cross-sector partnership broker and trainer. She specialises in making sense of complex problems and facilitating people and organisations to identify effective solutions.

          Before joining Think Impact, Victoria spent 7 years in leadership roles at World Vision Australia, including Head of Innovative Partnerships, Senior Strategy Advisor in Office of the CEO, and more recently established the Innovative Business Unit to pioneer approaches to responsible and inclusive business and shared value with the private sector. She has project experience in health, economic development, community governance and the human rights impacts of supply chains, particularly the extractive sector, and has worked across Asia Pacific and Africa.

          During over a decade in business consulting in UK, Europe and Australia, Victoria was focused on strategy, facilitation and business transformation with clients across business and government.

          Victoria recently completed a Graduate Certificate of Social Impact at Melbourne Business School. She sits on the Board of 100 Story Building, a Melbourne-based social enterprise. She is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds professional accreditations with the Partnership Brokers Association.

          The World I Want…

          “I want a world with greater balance in power and focus on social purpose; where all organisations embrace and honour their role in building a healthy, prosperous and just society and environment for current and future generations.”