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Whether you are a funder or deliverer of social programs, one of the main reasons you measure and communicate impact, is so you can make more of it! Think Impact can work with you at any stage, right from when you are first conceiving your program, and at every stage thereafter to help you stay focused on the change you create. We call this, “Red Ball” thinking.

Red Ball thinking


The red ball in our Newton’s Cradle is our symbol for a focus on impact. Our practical and helpful approach will build your program effectiveness and your ability to engage supporters and funders.

One way we bring Red Ball thinking to life is through our Red Ball Workshops. When we conduct a social impact analysis and produce an impact documentary, not every interview or scene makes it in to the final edit. But all the stories from the “front line” become a vital resource to help you build an outcomes culture in your organisation. Using these stories to demonstrate aspects of social impact Red Ball Workshops give you an opportunity to witness and experience the impact of your program and will help you improve your program design, sharpen your service delivery, and enhance your ability to communicate the impact of your organisation or program.

Think Impact’s “Six Domains of Change”

We are often asked, “How can we make best use of our impact analysis?” We have identified six distinct domains where you can drive change in your organisation. We can work with you to tailor a plan specific to your needs. It’s all based on Red Ball thinking and will turn your impact analysis into a real source of change in the following domains:

  • Purpose – Clarify and energise the fundamental purpose of your organisation
  • Programs – Modify your programs to create more impact
  • Effectiveness – Learn how effective you are and how effective you can be
  • Collaboration – Engage others to increase your impact and lead the change
  • Supporters – Build stronger relationships with funders and supporters
  • Policy – Influence the policy environment you operate in


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