Making your impact visible

Social impact evaluation needs to be a heart-warming case study or a rigorous, barely penetrable evaluation, right? Wrong.

Stories of change can be lost in traditional reports. When a stakeholder shares a wonderful, inspiring story of change, it doesn’t do it justice to reduce it to a break-out box on page 37. We capture these stories so you can experience and share them. It’s powerful to witness growing self-confidence in the strength of a voice, wellbeing in the sparkle of an eye, and inspiration from an individual transformed. We combine rigorous social impact analysis with data visualisations and stories of change you can see.

We produce results that help you understand how you create change, gives your stakeholders a strong voice, provides a precious resource to enhance your impact and leaves you with a unique tool to engage supporters, funders and stakeholders.

You will see the obvious impact from your effort.

Think Impact Documentaries

Here’s a few early examples! See “Our Work” for more.

Social value generated by Good Sports program – for Australian Drug Foundation


A short film on innovative mental health care – for Emmaus Community (Perth)


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